Angel Guinda: Guarra Guerra

Red wine is the blood of war which I drink from the skull of Goya. Under the war-torn lands the bile takes root, eyes fiercely shriek and the arms of hell rise up towards the sun. Rains of gunpowder and tides of shrapnel fly over the war-torn lands. Under their skies death dones to ground.

I do not know peace: I came late to war, to the brilliance and turmoil of its battles.

Red wine is the blood of pain. The pain which brings me to every war, blood against blood wasted. But the war is in that blood there, in that blood, in this blood, in all blood: because the human condition is miserable, it is haemorrhaging from annihilation, the crystal clear cry of children embracing the emptiness, as if it was a mother.

The human condition swallows blood, spits blood, drinks blood, vomits blood. War breaks out between us with every gesture and every moment of imposed loneliness, of indifference, of contempt, of discord, of abandonment, of taking leave, of adversity, of ear-piercing silence, of mute screaming, of malice.

Like a vast herd of wild horses, battalions like drunken waves tear into the cliffs opening up the front lines: that is war. Unbridled winds of squadrons sink their fangs into darkness, felling trees with their passage: this is war. And the barbarity advances, advances like
a pack of hatred barking at the ground, at the air, at the clouds, at the stars, breaking apart the light, breaking apart the shadows, breaking apart homes, embraces and flags, as well as the fire parts mountains, the same fire which would dry up the sea.

But not only conventional and chemical weapons destroy. Other weapons destroy the spirit: fanaticism, empty and vain words, the steamrolling of reality, the eclipse of mystery, ignorance, deception, misinformation, the denial of asylum to the persecuted, espionage, dictatorship.

With which bloodless weapons can we make war against war?

Angel Guinda

Angel Guinda, a Spanish poet, was born in 1948 in Zaragoza. He has published 15 books of poetry and 3 manifests of poetry. His articles and translations are regularly published. He is one of the founders of the well-known Spanish journals Alambique and Malvís. He was awarded the Aragon writers’ prize “Premio de las lotras Aragonesas” in 2010.

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