Report from the Besieged City

The memories of war are integrated in the body of all languages. Different weapons have been invented under the skin of language. Conquerors have marched on the bones of words.

Nothing is more cacophonous than the sound of a bullet when the wind is playing with the twigs and the moon is taking its course modestly across the sky. The child covers its face with its hands; the woman goes on embroidering the wedding dresses; the wolves howl and howl; and the old kerosene lamp smokes. A child is standing on the veranda of language. The airplanes pass; the house and the veranda are destroyed; the cacophonous choir of bullets echoes in the distant background of words; the travelling bullets disappear and appear again. They turn to pictures on the walls of language labyrinth.

The memories of the war are more painful than its history. These days the world powers are preparing their warships and airplanes to bombard Persian language. They have already launched many nightmares into the dreams of this language; with their sanctions, with their mortifications. The dictators, one after another, demanded war to kill poetry, to empty the word of its soul. These days Iranians are experiencing the march of the nightmares of centuries on their skin. Poets are not allowed to interfere in the power games; they never wanted it. Poets sense men’s living body. Iran is the homeland of Hafiz, Khayyam and Rumi, a country where the dissidents have been executed reciting poetry or singing resistance songs. This tragic land is being threatened again. In every war, the memories of all other wars in the history of man would be awakened, they would testify, they would warn us. May be, if the poets write about their memories, about the memories of war in their language, they can affect some people, even just a minority. I am not demanding you to write about your history; I am asking you to revive the memories which have been living in the body of your language.

Dear poets, would you please send me a one-page memory of what you experienced in war to the following address: We will publish these memories in several languages in addition to a poem by each poet.. This invitation is addressed to all poets around the world, If you know other poets, please send them this invitation as well.
Please do us this favor and cooperate with Iranian people and Iranian poets, who are against dictatorship in their country and against the interference of world powers in their affairs. Please do this favor to those people whose dreams and liberation movements can be destroyed in in this probable war. The voice of poets is still being heard in this country, don’t forget them!

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