Gary Gatch: Haiku

HAIKU   the old pawnbroker pays not even one thin dime for new war medals


Waldo Motta: Memory of a War of Nerves

Calling for Ogum

Schirin Nowrousian1

Schirin Nowrousian: Live Against War

“I have a blue piano at home But do not know a single tune.

miss coffin

Lyn Coffin: My Memories of War

I because war was happening somewhere we couldn’t buy real butter so Mom bought a big white brick of fat with a red dot at the center


Itsuko Ishikawa: A Girl

A girl continues to sit outside, exposed

juri talvet highlights

Jüri Talvet: Estonian Elegy

Shortly after midnight on 28 September 1994, in an area of the Baltic Sea sailors call “the ship cemetery,” the passenger ferry Estonia


Clayton Eshleman: The Occupied Life

East Timor is “stable.” This must mean that the Indonesian Army, supplied by USA, is on a rampage.

06071 030

Azar Mahloujian: Soap

Dear Mehri, I miss you so much.


Jana Bodnárová: From the Memory of a Besieged Body

I was born in Central Europe just a few years after the Second World War.

Caballero Bonaldino

José Manuel Caballero Bonald: The War

War is an absurdity, a kind of general disorder.

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